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Yolanda’s Story

“It’s incredibly empowering particularly as a woman to not feel intimidated by free weights.” – Yolanda

Almost 40 years under my belt and two children later my size and shape had definitely changed, and not for the better.  I knew intellectually that I needed to exercise and eat differently, but I had no idea what I should be doing.  “Life” also interfered with my exercise.  I had two small children, a stressful and demanding job as the head psychologist in a busy department, and aging parents all demanding my attention.  When did I have time for exercise?

I first heard of Taylored Training through an advertisement on the radio.  I wondered if Taylored Training could teach me how to stick to an exercise routine, how to exercise in a way that would get me the results I wanted, and how I could work exercise into my busy life.  Taylor talked about exercising for fun instead of as a chore.  He talked about using workouts to work toward improving performance in other enjoyable activities.  Suddenly I realized that exercise could be a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.  It was something I’d never considered.

Now, unbelievably to me, I look forward to my sessions.  Taylor convinced me that I needed to move away from talking about being “fit” or “in shape” and focus on becoming stronger.  At first I secretly thought he was nuts, but now I realize that strong is really how “fit” and “in shape” feels.  It’s incredibly empowering, particularly as a woman, to not feel intimidated by free weights.   He also taught me how to eat in an informed way that works with my exercise routine to make me leaner.  I’ve been going to the Taylored Training studio now for a year and a half.  I’m stronger, leaner and more confident in myself than I have ever been in my life.


Realistically it has been both a personal and financial commitment.  I schedule my sessions at the studio the same way I schedule a doctor’s appointment.  For me this is the best way to ensure I always go.  To my surprise when I am away on business I miss my sessions.  Not because I feel guilty and lazy but because I miss the feeling of accomplishment I get from a good workout.  Thus far that has been enough to motivate me to workout in several hotel gyms.  I believe that I am investing in my health and well-being and that $500 on a gym membership that I never use or $1500 on a treadmill that sits in my basement is not money well spent.  My investment at Taylored Training has provided me with the skills to incorporate quality exercise wherever I am.  That said, I continue to attend the Taylored Training studio because I enjoy it.




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